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Mayanot is fortunate to have supporters who share our vision to ensure a stronger and more vibrant Jewish tomorrow. Meet some of them below and see what inspires them to help advance this important cause.
"I support Mayanot because..."
"Mayanot touches the lives of so many. Just as a spring nourishes, so does Mayanot."
Andy Abraham, Herzilia, Israel

"My daughter, Debbie, spent time at Mayanot last year. Her growth spiritually, emotionally and in Jewish learning was amazing. She still talks about her stay almost every day and keeps in contact with her friends there on a weekly basis. I am so grateful for what the institution has done for my child and look forward to a long term association with Mayanot, its Rabbis, their families and all the staff."

Dr. Graham Cassel, MD, Johannesburg, South Africa
President, South African Society of Cardiovascular Intervention

"Mayanot is an incredible program, staffed by incredible faculty, and is incredibly effective in making young people connect to their Jewish background. Mayanot is molding strong Jewish leaders that will be a major asset to their home communities. These young people leave Mayanot loving their Judaism, with a deep desire to make a real difference in the lives of others."

Jeffrey (Yaakov) Cohen, Potomac, Maryland
President, Beco Management, Inc.
Chairman, Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies


"I am simply taken whenever I meet Mayanot students and alumni. It amazes me how they integrate themselves into the Jewish community upon returning from their studies at Mayanot. On the occasions that I have the opportunity to be a guest lecturer at Mayanot, I am sure to let the students know how fortunate they are that they have such a unique place to advance their Jewish learning."

Mrs. Brana S. Deitsch, New Haven, Connecticut
Jewish Activist


"Mayanot, from it's inception, serves the Jewish world with it's erudite academic Jewish studies. Yet, kindness, nurturing, and love of Yiddishkeit, are at the foundation of the rabbinical teachings. These tenets serve as the springboard to forming Mayanot scholars. It is an honor to be associated with this stellar institution."

Aviva Kashuk, MA, Denver, Colorado


"Mayanot provides essential educational programs to Jews from all walks of life helping them connect with Israel and their Jewish soul. Awareness of what it means to be a Jew and the beauty of our religion and people is often missing in our busy modern success oriented society. Mayanot provides an important counterbalance to that physical aspect of life by focusing on the spirituality that may have been suppressed growing up in an environment that didn't emphasize what it means to be a Jew."

Dr. Robert Kliegman, MD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Professor and Chair of Pediatrics Medical College of Wisconsin
Executive Vice President, Children's Research Institute


"Several years ago, I had the opportunity to spend some time learning at Mayanot. Although the time was brief, it was defining. I had the opportunity to study classic texts in the Holy City, sitting from morning to night with college-age students who, while rooted very clearly in the modern world, had taken the major step of taking a year or two "off ", in the effort to fulfill their lives. The learning was at a very mature, serious level, the atmosphere kind and encouraging, and even the food was good! I've kept up with several of the students I got to know. Now they are professionals, businessmen, husbands and fathers and their time at Mayanot has helped frame their lives. They speak regularly of their tenure, and most long to return someday as do I!"

Dr. Dennis (Dovid Chaim) Maiman, MD, PhD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Professor and Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery, Medical College of Wisconsin
Director of Neuroscience, Froedtert Hospital and Medical College of Wisconsin


"To us, Mayanot represents a synthesis of everything that our Judaism, and Torah, are about: rigorous scholarship and intellectual inquisitiveness on the one hand, with genuine caring for each and every Jew on the other hand. We believe in what Mayanot stands for and wish to be a part of the holy work it is performing."

Dr. Yoni Stanleigh, MD and Dr. Noemie Stanleigh, PhD, Jerusalem, Israel

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