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We are announcing a new track for high school graduates at the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies. Students aged 18-19, with inquiring minds and a passion for their Judaism, are invited to come and experience authentic Torah learning with a Chassidic spirit in the Holy City of Jerusalem. Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies is known for its open and nurturing environment, educating confident and committed Jews, and conveying the depth and joy of Torah and Mitzvot.

The post high school program will be a dedicated track within the Yeshiva, with its own facilities and dedicated, experienced staff.

The curriculum will include textual study in Talmud, Halacha and Chassidut, as well as lectures on Tanach, Jewish history, and contemporary issues.

Students will have the opportunity to discover Israel up-close on trips and Shabbatons throughout the year, and make friendships which will last a lifetime.

Special events, guest-speakers and chesed projects augment the academic experience.

Mayanot prides itself on offering each and every individual student personalized attention to enhance their physical and emotional well-being, as well as success in their studies.

Students will come away after a year in Mayanot with the tools to engage independently and meaningfully with classic texts, and with a deep sense of what it means to be a part of the Jewish people.

We are now accepting applications for September 2016 /Elul 5776 For more information contact Rabbi Mordechai Guth: guth@mayanot.edu