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Mayanot's curriculum is the only one of its kind, encompassing both the broad intellectual and spiritual dimensions of Jewish study. We offer full-time and part-time opportunities for our year-long, semester, month-long, summer, winter and post-Birthright study programs for men and women 20 years of age and older.

If you have set goals of acquiring independent textual skills and deepening your spiritual roots, Mayanot is for you. Our program of study comprises the essential components of Jewish learning: Talmud, Chumash, Chassidut, Halacha, Jewish Philosophy, and Hebrew Language. Mayanot emphasizes skill development through a structured program of textual study.

Women's Program
Men's Program
Post High School Program
Executive Learning Program
Winter Program
Summer Program
Study Options
A full academic year of study is the length of time recommended to achieve the complete Mayanot learning experience. If that is not possible Mayanot offers numerous other long-term and short-term options including studying for a semester, month, winter, summer or for three weeks following your Taglit-Birthright Israel trip. The minimum amount of time for study at Mayanot is three weeks. Please see the Academic Calendar for the complete schedule.
No Hebrew language, previous Jewish Studies background or religious
commitment is required for acceptance to the Mayanot Institute of Jewish Studies.