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The Executive Learning Program offers an intensive Mayanot learning experience to professionals and business executives seeking to advance their Jewish knowledge in an intellectually stimulating environment.

Program Options:

Personalized Program

  • One-on-one learning with Mayanot rabbis and teachers
  • Partnered learning on topics of individual interest
  • Participation in classes at the Mayanot Yeshiva
  • Customized curriculum designed to suit the participant’s skills and knowledge

     Price: $450/week

     Program Length: up to four weeks

Yeshivah Study Program

  • Participation in classes at the Mayanot Yeshiva
  • Variety of levels to match the participant’s skills and knowledge
  • Areas of study: Jewish Mysticism, Philosophy, Talmud, Chassidut, Chumash (Bible) and the Hebrew language.

     Price: $300/week

     Program Length: up to three weeks


Couples are welcome to join the Executive Learning Program with the studying taking place at the Mayanot Women's Program and Mayanot Men's Program. A discounted rate for couples is available.

Through our close connections with the Israeli tour industry, Mayanot is available to refer participants to reasonably priced accommodations and touring packages as part of their Executive Learning experience.

To apply, click here.

Unfortunately, financial aid is not available for the Executive Learning Program.

For more information contact us at here.

Dr. Jeffry L. Kashuk, MD, FACS
Graduated from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin (BA, Cum Laude) and University of Minnesota School of Medicine (MD).

Retired Captain, Israel Defense Forces.

Received Rabbinical ordination.

Enjoys skiing, mountain hiking, physical fitness, Torah study and community involvement.

Associate Professor of Surgery at University of Colorado in Denver, and at Health Sciences Center in Denver, CO.

Attending Surgeon for Surgery, Trauma, and Surgical Critical Care at Denver Health Medical Center in Denver, CO.

"The Executive Learning Program at Mayanot was the jumpstart of my Torah education. The Rabbis at Mayanot showed me the importance of establishing a regular learning schedule and incorporating Judaism into my daily life. This eventuated in my obtaining Rabbinical ordination in Israel after spending mornings learning while working full time at the trauma center in Tel Aviv. These experiences continue to be the foundation of my life, even now, with a busy academic surgical practice, and continue to guide my interactions with my patients, colleagues, and friends. Simply put, Mayanot gave me the substrate to serve as the foundation for my life, for which I will remain forever grateful."
Adam Weinstein
Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Binghamton University.

Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist.

Vice President and Controller at New Mountain Capital, L.L.C.

"I grew up in a non-observant home and studying at the Executive Learning Program at Mayanot helped lay the foundation for my transformation to a more observant lifestyle with an open and tolerant view. Mayanot has a brilliant faculty that help students at all levels of their studies. I am proud of the time I spent there and on top of everything I have taken away a number of lifelong friends."