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Short-Term Programs
The Short-Term Programs provide for beginner students interested in exploring a smorgasbord of Jewish topics and ideas. It is ideal for the student who wants to have a taste of many subjects and styles. Inspiring lectures and diverse topics make it a perfect introductory course for the serious student who has little to no background in Hebrew language and textual study. More advanced courses are available to students already familiar with Hebrew and are interested in learning shorter term

Long-Term Programs (Semester/year program)
The Long-Term Programs set goals for acquiring textual skills and achieving self sufficiency in independent study. With a unique skill-building methodology in the advanced study of the Talmud, Jewish Law, and Chassidut as well as critical, in-depth analysis of their supporting texts and commentaries. Classes are generally one or more hours long, comprised of chavrutah (study partner) style learning and a follow up class. A unique Ulpan (Hebrew language learning) methodology is a main component of our longer term programs.

The Mayanot Men's Campus and its apartment-style dormitory is located in central Jerusalem, and is minutes away from downtown and the Old City. Mayanot is made up primarily of students ages 20 through 29 from diverse Jewish backgrounds, from around the globe, who seek to explore thousands of years of  Jewish wisdom.

To apply for the Mayanot Men's Program, please visit our application page.