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At Mayanot, women of diverse backgrounds study together in an open-minded yet challenging environment. This deep immersion in Jewish learning nurtures a love for the Jewish people and strengthens our connection to the land of Israel.

We believe that essential to Jewish study is the incomparable interaction between student and teacher. Therefore, all class sizes are small, and one-on-one learning each day facilitates accelerated skill acquisition and independence.

Courses of study include Hebrew Language (Ulpan), Chassidut, Jewish Spirituality, Prayer, Jewish History and Law, Jewish Philosophy, Talmud and contemporary Jewish issues.

Mayanot provides a wide range of opportunities for students to fulfill their personal goals including the following learning tracks:

Judaic Studies Program (JSP)
JSP provides students with a smorgasbord of Jewish ideas. Classes in JSP are one hour long and are mostly lecture style. It is ideal for the student who wants to have a taste of many styles and topics.

Yeshiva 1 and 2
Yeshiva classes are text based and give the student the opportunity to develop their learning skills. Classes in then Yeshiva 1 and Yeshiva 2 tracks are two hours long, and comprise of chavrutah (study partner) style learning and a follow up class. In the different classes offered the student has a chance to work on many diverse texts and truly challenge themselves.

The Mayanot Women's Campus and its apartment-style dormitory is located in the heart of Jerusalem, in the beautiful neighborhood of Katamon, and is walking distance to downtown and the Old City. Mayanot is made up of students ages 20 through 29 from diverse Jewish backgrounds, women from around the globe, who seek to explore 3,000 years of Jewish wisdom.

To apply for the Mayanot Women's Program, please visit our application page.

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